Sex Chat

One in four women and one in seventeen men are affected by sexual violence in their lifetime. It is the most underreported crime, and HEALS strives to encourage the conversation the youth and college students. Sex Chat is an annual event host by HEALS at the University of Memphis. Sex Chat is designed to allow community members and students to come together to discuss sexual violence. Sex Chat is a safe place for individuals to receive information and resources regarding sexual violence. We provide information that gives individuals an understanding of how sexual assault may look and what he or she can do if assaulted.

In the past, we have had speaker Benjamin Smith, teacher from KIPP, and Jordan Moore Howard, Director Communication and Development from the Family Safety Center, followed by a panel discussion with other local leaders and University of Memphis administration.

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Workshops

As HEALS works to raise awareness, we work to teach healthy and unhealthy relationships. Through our workshop, we explain healthy habits and unhealthy habits in a relationship how the affect a relationship. Along with our workshops, we have created breakout groups that allow participants to apply what they have learned. Our workshops can be modified to accompany any age group.

From our past workshops, based on surveys completed by participants, HEALS is able to present effective information to students of all age groups.

Christmas Cards and Lunches

HEALS, takes pride in helping the Memphis community holistically. As an annual event around the holidays, we come together and make sack lunches and Christmas cards the homeless.



If you would like to volunteer or want more information, please contact Tori Anderson at 901-598- 3996 or